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AGI is artificial general intelligence, which is like human that understands, creates, and have minds. GAI Content is generative AI (GAI) automatically created content. AGI digitalization is AI that understands environment and communicate digitalized information.
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Why Akool
Why Akool
AGI Solution Utilize AGI to automate commerce content creation, digitalization and user interaction.
Why Akool
High Quality State of the art AGI technology, scalable infrastructures and processing ability.
Why Akool Reliability Customer satisfaction is our goal. We have reliable solution, strong delivery and quick customer support.
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Success Stories
John Watson Our eCommerce website utilized AGI avatar to interact with customers who are looking for recommendations and FAQs. It definitely increases tractions.
Sam Smith
We created our digital brand ambassador with AGI avatar. It helps us to sell more products, and entertain our clients. Satisfactions are greatly improved.
Jack Johnson Akool’s AGI smart camera solution helps us to easily get camera extracted store statistics via the chatbot and graphs. It guides us to improve our store operation.
Discover AGI products and examples to power your commerce. Browse our AGI products to get access to tools that could simplify and speed up your commerce operations. Check out the examples to understand how it works.
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