How AI-Generated Graphic Design Can Cut Your Marketing Costs
June 10, 2024
How can B2B and enterprise marketing teams reduce their marketing costs using AI-generated graphic design tools from AKOOL? Find out here.

AI graphic design is bringing the power of generative AI to the enterprise marketing teams, allowing novices to create stunning visual campaigns that rival the beauty and impact of traditional graphic designers—at a fraction of their previous price.

With AI tools like AKOOL’s, you can create breathtaking marketing collateral in minutes. 

These apps and tools also allow you to avoid the expense an in-house design team while helping you reach new audiences and generate sales.

Reducing Costs with AI-Generated Designs

What if you could reduce the size of your design team and produce high-quality, impactful designs?

Many companies are turning to AI-generated designs as a way to do just that. AI platforms like AKOOL are much cheaper than conventional tools and processes. By switching to an AI graphic design platform, you’re likely to save a significant amount of money on software fees.

In fact, enterprise marketing teams report that they can save 80% or more on design staffing costs simply by switching to an AI platform.

They also save a significant amount of money on photograph and illustrator licensing fees, stock photo membership costs, and other expenses that rapidly add up. 

Speed and Efficiency in Design Processes

AI is like a turbo engine for graphic design. While professional-grade advertisements used to take days of painstaking work to create, a novice user can create realistic, high-quality designs in just a few short minutes with AI. 

AKOOL is a leader among AI design platforms that are democratizing the graphic design world by removing the manual work and specialized experience once required to produce enterprise-grade campaigns. Your team can bring your ideas to life and create an entire advertising campaign in a single day using the power of generative AI.

Quality and Customization of AI-Generated Designs

Modern AI design tools like AKOOL can create high-quality, customizable designs in the blink of an eye. This incredible flexibility allows in-house marketing teams to create personalized campaigns for individual customer segments, localize advertisements for global markets, and launch new products with a shoestring budget.

By integrating AI into your design and marketing process, your team can create huge amounts of marketing collateral that appeal to individual groups and help you increase sales conversion rates. 

When choosing an AI design tool, pay special attention to the quality of each platform’s final product. Not all tools are created equally and enterprise marketing teams need software that is capable of producing realistic, professional-grade images each and every time. 

Integrating AI Design into Marketing Workflows

One of the most important benefits associated with enterprise-driven AI tools like AKOOL is the ability to easily and seamlessly integrate your favorite AI platform into your existing marketing tech stack. This prevents disruption and allows your team to boost efficiency by streamlining current processes.

In addition, you can analyze your current marketing workflow to identify areas where AI can improve processes and save money. Start by mapping out your existing design processes, paying special attention to the most cost- and labor-intensive aspects of your workflow.

Once you’ve done this, it’s much easier to select the right tool for your specific needs.

The best way to launch an AI tool into existing workflows is to start with a pilot project. This allows you to implement the tool on a small campaign to look for benefits and challenges—before any challenges derail your overall efforts. 

Ethical and Legal Considerations for AI Design

There are a variety of ethical and legal considerations associated with AI design, not the least of which is the issue of intellectual property. This complex topic involves who owns the artwork produced by AI platforms. 

With AKOOL’s terms of service, our clients always retain the rights to their AI-generated content. However, many platforms do not include these consumer protections and your ownership of your own content may be at risk.

It is also critical to ensure that the basis for your AI design was obtained legally and ethically. If you are using an existing design or photo for your input, we encourage you to get written approval from the original creator. 

The Future of AI in Graphic Design

AI is completely shaking up the landscape of graphic design, transforming this once-niche industry into a democratized field where laypeople can produce the same high-quality images and videos as professionals with decades of experience.

Companies across the world are already leveraging AI to personalize marketing campaigns, localize advertisements for global audiences, and rapidly increase the number and sophistication of these campaigns. Shortly, it’s likely that the majority of advertisements online and on television will be created in part by AI.

We expect that the trend towards market localization and hyper-personalization will increase over the next two to three years as this sort of complex initiative becomes cheaper and easier with AI. 

Platforms like AKOOL are also using deep learning to become more adept at creating emotionally driven campaigns that resonate with consumers—and we expect the fields of AI and psychological advertising to merge as this technology advances.

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