Case Studies
Il Fornaio


Il Fornaio is a well-established restaurant chain, renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine. While the restaurant has built a strong customer base over the years, the management is always looking for innovative ways to improve its online presence and attract more customers. As part of this ongoing effort, Il Fornaio decided to focus on enhancing the user experience across various online platforms like Google Maps, where potential customers often go to read reviews, look at images, and decide whether to visit.

a screenshot from a video with a receptionist in a hotel


Il Fornaio was grappling with the challenge of standing out among numerous other restaurant options available to consumers on online platforms. Traditional marketing tactics like photos and text-based descriptions were not engaging enough. They needed a more interactive and immersive solution that could captivate potential customers' attention and encourage them to learn more about the restaurant.


The breakthrough came when Il Fornaio adopted Akool's virtual avatar technology. This cutting-edge feature enabled the restaurant chain to create lifelike virtual avatars that could introduce the restaurant to potential customers on platforms like Google Maps. These avatars provided a virtual tour and information about the restaurant, creating a unique and engaging experience for online users.


The impact of using Akool's virtual avatars was immediate and substantial. On average, the avatar videos on Il Fornaio’s Google Maps page experienced an average of 1.7 million in page views. This boost in visibility significantly increased inbound traffic to their physical locations. The engaging avatars became a distinguishing feature for Il Fornaio, setting them apart from competitors and leading to a significant return on investment.

Why Akool?

Il Fornaio chose Akool for its unparalleled capability to create realistic and engaging virtual avatars. The process was not only easy and intuitive but also offered customization options to align with the restaurant's branding. Additionally, Akool's technology integrated seamlessly with platforms like Google Maps, making the implementation hassle-free. The platform's effectiveness in boosting user engagement was a major deciding factor.


Akool's virtual avatar technology has revolutionized the way Il Fornaio engages with potential customers online. By providing a unique, interactive experience, the restaurant has significantly boosted its online visibility and footfall, leading to a high ROI. This case demonstrates how Akool's innovative solutions can transform traditional marketing approaches, helping businesses like Il Fornaio stand out in a crowded marketplace and engage customers in entirely new ways.