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Potential Earnings(10 sales/month)

*Assuming your customers don’t cancel their subscription within the first 12 months

$30 / month

600-credits plan

$80 / month

1700-credits plan

$200 / month

4400-credits plan

$500 / month

12000-credits plan

$1000 / month

25000-credits plan

$3000 / month

80000-credits plan

x 120 Sales

x 12 Months

x 20% Commission

*assuming 10 subscriptions / month

$8,640 / year

$720 / month

$23,040 / year

$1,920 / month

$57,600 / year

$4,800 / month

$144,000 / year

$12,000 / month

$288,000 / year

$24,000 / month

$864,000 / year

$72,000 / month


Step 1 - Apply

Complete a straightforward Google form to join the AKOOL Affiliate Program Partnership!

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Step 2 - Distribute

Utilize Rewardful to distribute your unique link to your followers and track its effectiveness instantly.

Step 3 - Get Paid!

Motivate your audience to register on AKOOL and earn from your distribution!


Target Audience

Your primary audience encompasses professionals in the film sector, video editing experts, creators on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, individuals involved in product listings, real estate agents, educators, training facilitators, mentors, advisory consultants and marketing specialists.

Selling Points

Why choose AKOOL? And what are the outstanding features of this platform?

Discover more about AKOOL here!

Unique Features

Image Generator
Face Swap
Background Change
Realistic Avatar
Talking Photo
Video Translate

Payouts Info

The key payment terms of the AKOOL Referral Program are outlined as follows:

1. Payments are disbursed within the first ten working days of the following month where AKOOL received payment.

2. Commission is only issued based on the actual revenue collected by AKOOL.

3. A minimum threshold of $50 is required for payment releases. All payments are executed via PayPal exclusively.

More details:

Full AKOOL affiliate terms and conditions

FAQs of AKOOL affiliate program

30 days.

There is no limit! You'll receive a 20% commission of successful referral. 

You can find the complete affiliate terms by visiting this link. For additional information, feel free to reach out to us via email at

Self-referrals are not permitted, and affiliates will not receive commissions on purchases made from their own accounts.

Once your affiliate application is approved, you will gain access to Rewardful where you can monitor and track your performance.

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