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Face Swap

Perform face swaps at scale with high latency to create interactive content for users.

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Realistic Avatar

Scale your digital interactions with AKOOL's avatar API. Create countless expressive, talking avatars to engage audiences globally. Elevate your online presence seamlessly.

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Video Translate

Elevate your global reach with AKOOL's video translation API. Seamlessly translate videos into multiple languages with perfect lip-sync, at scale. Connect with audiences worldwide effortlessly.

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Image Generate

Unlock the power of AI to transform simple text into stunning visuals with AKOOL. Effortlessly scale your creative projects with our image generator API.

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Background Change

Transform scenes at scale with AKOOL's background change API. Instantly customize video backgrounds for any project, enhancing visual appeal and engagement effortlessly.

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Talking Photo

Revolutionize engagement with AKOOL's talking photo API. Create interactive, speaking images that interact with users at scale, making content truly dynamic and personal.


seamlessly adapts
to a myriad of domains and diverse use cases.
Implementation and maintenance is easy.

Face Swap

Orange won the top prize for Entertainment for Sport for the Marcel, Paris, campaign WoMen’s Football.

Image generator

For Ruth's Chris Steak House, AKOOL has proven to be much more than just an image-generating tool.

Face Swap

Maintaining Character Consistency in Film Making and Digital Storytelling

Face Enhancement

Making your content, marketing and ads more engaging and personalized.

Video translate

Transform Your Marketing Video into a Viral Sensation with Zumba!

Face Swap

Let's Feature You in Our Ad with SRK!

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Restaurant chain - Il Fornaio

Realistic Avatar

Let's Feature You in Our Ad with SRK!

Face Swap

Coca Cola's 'Ultimate You' Game


Quick and Easy to Use, and Controlled Cost

AKOOL AI Platform APIs

AI Immersive Consumer Experiences
  • Professional Generated Consumer Content
  • User Generated Content
  • Personalized Gaming Experiences
  • More...
Engineer Support
  • Data personalisation/confidentiality
  • Independent data storage
  • Customised model training
  • Model acceleration and optimisation


AKOOL's Face Swapping platform enabled us to create an experience for The Coca-Cola Company that resulted in the highest fidelity creative, along with the flexibility to implement in a custom user experience that met the unexpected needs of the campaign.

Adam Baskin

Managing Director at Tool

We were impressed by the technology's face-swapping capabilities and exceptional video quality after testing it for our ad campaign.Using AKOOL's Generative AI technology, we've created a groundbreaking experience where people can co-star with Shah Rukh Khan in personalized ads for ITC's Sunfeast Dark Fantasy #MyFantasyAdWithSRK. AKOOL's API integration has helped us deliver over 500,000 unique and engaging experiences for the brand.

Amardeep Singh

CEO of Interactive Avenues

In the fast-paced beauty industry, it's crucial for brands to stand out.With AKOOL's Generative AI platform we are using it to develop our holiday hair campaign and the technology has really blown us away! We are looking to AKOOL to deeply connect with our consumers, taking them on a personalized journey to showcase the transformative power of VOLOOM.

Patricia Lund

Founder and CEO of VOLOOM


Who has access to the AKOOL API?

  • All users
  • AKOOL Tech Partners(We provide customized API services.)

  • Tiered Model : In order to better help you choose the quantity and price of credits that better meet your needs, you cancontact usto purchase the most suitable plan for you.
  • Subscription Model : You can directly use the API by purchasing credits on the pricing interface according to your own business needs.


  • You own the rights to your outputs: Ownership is delineated in the following way: AKOOL owns all IP rights to the service and the customer owns all rights to the outputs that they’ve generated from the service.
  • How long we retain data: Customer data is retained for the duration of the agreement or until AKOOL receives a written data deletion request.
  • Privacy principles: We are committed to protecting your information in all stages of handling your content. Your data is yours, we will never sell it to anyone. We use encryption for data in transit and at rest. We also have a privacy policy that you can view here to ensure your data is safe.
  • We do NOT use a user’s provided inputs as outputs for other users: We do not use the inputs or writing prompts of a user as facts or details for other users. That is a hard line for us. Your inputs and the pieces of content you write using AKOOL are your own.
  • AI/ML model providers: To provide you the best possible content generation AKOOL uses the best AI model possible for specific use cases. 3rd party AI models are not trained on your data.

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