5 Best Deepfake Apps for Realistic Face Swaps
April 13, 2024
Explore the top five deepfake apps known for ultra-realistic Face Swaps! Discover their features, usability, and ethical considerations in our comprehensive guide.

Deepfake technology allows users to create convincing AI-generated images and videos that mimic the look, sound, and mannerisms of real people.

Some apps work by swapping the subject’s face with existing media.

But there's a better alternative: The best deepfake apps can create new images and video avatars from scratch. 

Experts estimate that over 500,000 deepfake videos and voice recordings were distributed on social media by the end of 2023.

The low barrier to entry has allowed deepfakes to explode in popularity. They’re now being used to create social media memes, satire, and brand endorsements, helping enterprises boost the reach of marketing campaigns and reduce costs. They're even helping with brand reputation issues.

They don't come without some danger. Dr. Jeff Lu, a leader in AI and AKOOL's founder, recently appeared on the DesignRush podcast to talk about the good and bad sides of AI and deepfake forgeries.

When face swap tools are used ethically and with individual autonomy in mind, they are powerful tools with great promise. 

Major Hollywood studios are also beginning to embrace this AI-driven technology to reduce costs and boost creativity. For example, Harrison Ford and Walt Disney Pictures recently used deepfake AI in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

The studio used AI to de-age Harrison Ford by 40 years, allowing him to play a younger version of himself. VFX supervisor Robert Weaver told IndieWire that “being able to refer back to the previous films visually, being able to meld those two together, that got us where we needed to be.'' This technology also allowed the studio to feature a younger Indiana Jones without confusing the audience by using another actor.

Defining the Best Deepfake App

While numerous face-swapping tools are available today, only a handful can claim the title “Best Deepfake App.” In this guide, we explore which qualities are most important:

Realism: Does it produce high-quality, photorealistic images and avatars that look like legitimate images or videos? 

Ease of Use: Can a beginner use this app without detailed training or a background in generative AI? 

Customization: Do users have the ability to customize the output according to their goals? Is the app limited to images, or can users create deepfake videos and original content?

Security: How does the deepfake app handle user security and data privacy? The best deepfake apps are serious about protecting user data and clearly articulate their ethical approach. 

Exploring the Best Deepfake Apps

Let’s take a look at the top deepfake tools available today.

Face Swapper

Icon8’s Face Swapper is a user-friendly app that creates hyper-realistic photos in seconds. Users prize the simple layout and intuitive menu. However, the app is extremely limited in functionality and can only swap faces into still images. The lack of customization and video deepfake options means that commercial users must find a more robust alternative to build realistic marketing campaigns.

 Face Swapper

However, one area where Face Swapper shines is data privacy. The company is committed to data privacy and deletes all uploaded photos within 6 hours.


DeepSwap is a robust, comprehensive deepfake platform that allows users to create realistic photos, videos, and GIFs. This is why Deepswap is used by over 150 million users across the globe. The tool has numerous customization options, including the ability to swap faces in real-time videos and swap multiple faces in a single picture. However, users remark that the platform does have a learning curve and is not a simple plug-and-play tool.

Deep Swap

Finally, while the company claims to remove generated deepfakes from the server seven days after generation, DeepSwap does keep uploaded photos and videos to improve its AI models. 


DeepFaceLab is a great tool for expert users looking for a powerful face swapping tool with limitless customization. The platform also offers strong data privacy protections, and its open-source nature means that anybody can check its code for malicious properties. 


The biggest drawback is its steep learning curve. Users remark that it takes significant time to become adept with the platform. In addition, DeepFaceLab is only available for Windows computers, which is a huge drawback given the widespread popularity of Apple devices in the marketing world.


MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia is one of the world's most popular deep fake platforms, with over 111 million animations generated by users so far. The company specializes in bringing family photos to life.


While MyHeritage’s face swap app is fun to play with and offers users a realistic view of the past, the platform’s capabilities are limited and only allow the animation of a single picture into a short video. The tool is incredibly easy for first-time users, but it offers little customization, and users must animate each face separately in a single picture. 

Finally, the MyHeritage security policy is vague and lacking details, a significant concern given the 2018 breach, which exposed the personal information of more than 92 million users. 4

AKOOL’s Face Swap Tool: The Premier Deepfake Apps

AKOOL’s Generative AI platform is the best deepfake app available today. The company’s innovative face swapping application is incredibly easy to use, allowing novice users and experienced graphic designers to create photorealistic deepfakes in minutes. This gentle learning curve, combined with AKOOL’s limitless customization options, makes the platform ideal for personal and commercial use.

Akool Face Swap

Major companies are already turning to AKOOLs platform to create eye-popping, effective marketing campaigns for new products. Adam Baskin, Director of Innovation at Toolofna, says, “AKOOL’s generative AI has breathed new life into our clients’ branding efforts. AKOOL's technology was 1000x better than anything else we tested in the market.” 

These benefits are why over 500,000 users and 8,000 companies use AKOOL to create the next generation of immersive marketing campaigns. 

AKOOL offers tremendous value for the price, allowing commercial users to build large-scale marketing campaigns at low cost. AKOOL is also firmly committed to data privacy and provides robust protections to ensure your pictures and data are never leaked. Finally, the company is committed to stopping malicious use of Generative AI and works hard to prevent criminals from using the platform to commit fraud and cause harm--making it an ideal choice for enterprises that prioritize the ethical use of AI. 

These numerous advantages are why AKOOL is the premier deepfake app on the market and is rapidly becoming a leader in the face swap industry.

In Summary: AKOOL is the Best Deepfake App on the Market

While several excellent face swap tools are available today, AKOOL’s Generative AI platform is the best deepfake app on the market. This platform is perfect for individuals exploring and having fun with this new technology by creating memes, photos, and short videos. 

AKOOL is also the preferred option for commercial use, allowing companies to build innovative marketing campaigns that boost sales while simultaneously reducing advertising costs. Major companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon rely on this tool because of its ease of use, endless customization options, strong data privacy standards, ultra-realistic images, and its commitment to responsible use of AI.

Visit AKOOL's "Contact Sales" link at the top of this article to learn more about this innovative platform and to explore the capabilities of AKOOL’s face swap technology.

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