Best AI Video Face Swap Tool: AKOOL vs Competitors
March 28, 2024
AKOOL's AI video face swap tool outperformed competitors in our benchmark. See for yourself why it's the world's most advanced face swap tool on the market.

AKOOL's AI face swap app is a cutting-edge Generative AI tool that enables users to create stunning advertisements and social media posts that wow users and generate sales. Companies that use AKOOL's platform can transform stock images and older advertisements into personalized marketing campaigns that connect with consumers without breaking the bank by hiring a team of graphic designers or a pricey advertising agency. 

Enterprise users prize AKOOL's platform because they can easily swap faces in still images and videos. We also provide users with various customization options, allowing you to age and de-age your model, swap multiple faces in the same image, and produce higher-quality output than any of our competitors.

AKOOL's face swap app outperforms the competition and produces better quality, more realistic, and higher resolution face swap videos than any other platform. 

Face swapping is rapidly becoming an integral tool for enterprise marketing teams, helping them create eye-catching advertisements, social media posts, and website content that looks hyper-realistic and helps generate sales. Ali Payani, Founder and CEO of the Payani Group, recently wrote in Forbes, "With the rise of AI tools, marketing and sales departments are able to streamline processes, automate tasks and make data driven decisions… AI has the potential to transform the way businesses approach marketing and sales."

We took a deep dive into the nine most popular AI face swap apps to help users understand which tool provides enterprise users and content creators with the most powerful platform to create AI videos that look like authentic advertisements. In our benchmark tests, we compare these platforms with AKOOL's cutting-edge AI face swap tool to find the best option for your needs.

AKOOL vs Other AI Video Face Swap Tools

Enterprises are embracing AI face swap apps to create stunning visual advertisements, high-conversion commercials, and engaging social media posts. In this deep dive, we compare AKOOL's face swap platform with nine competing applications to discover the best platform for your enterprise and content creator needs. 


AnyoneSwap is an affordable, entry-level AI face swap tool that allows users to easily swap their face onto an existing video or still image. While AnyoneSwap's features and customization options are still limited, this tool may be a solid option for novice users interested in exploring the power of Generative AI before committing to a pricier option with more robust features and higher-quality results.

AnyoneSwap landing page

While AnyoneSwap’s entry-level tool is perfectly fine for beginners interested in learning more about Generative AI, our benchmark test makes it clear that AKOOL’s face swap tool outperforms AnyoneSwap in every metric. AKOOL offers a higher-resolution image, better facial qualities and movements, and a more realistic end result. 


DeepSwap is another popular face and gender swap app used by social media users who are interested in quickly and easily creating AI-generated videos at a low cost and with little learning curve. The platform allows users to rapidly swap faces in a source video and swap the genders of the model. 

DeepSwap website landing page

While DeepSwap is another solid entry-level option for face swap beginners, our benchmark tests make it clear that the platform needs to be stronger for commercial purposes. DeepSwap produces a reasonably accurate face swap (although with a relatively low resolution). Still, the movements of the model are unnatural, and it is clear that the result is AI-generated. AKOOL, on the other hand, produces a hyper-realistic face swap result that cannot be differentiated from the authentic source video.


Designs’ face swap tool is an entry-level platform that allows users to quickly swap faces in source videos and images. The platform focuses on social media users and is a great option for creating funny memes, profile pictures, and gaming avatars. 

Design face swap tool with different face available

Designs’ AI face swap app is one of the more accurate tools on the market. It produces a realistic face swap with satisfactory resolution and realism for social media purposes. However, our head-to-head benchmark test shows that AKOOL's tool produces a more realistic face swap result. AKOOL’s image has a higher resolution and more realistic facial movements, and it lacks the AI static that makes Designs’ images look uncanny. 


FaceMod offers a cutting-edge AI toolkit and one of the most realistic face swap apps. Unlike most tools reviewed here, FaceMod provides users with multiple customization and style options, something rarely seen in basic Generative AI applications.

FaceMod face swap website homepage

Other than AKOOL, FaceMod may be the best option for consumers today. However, while the app does excel at customization and realistic facial swaps, it fails to humanize faces. It creates uncanny images where something is clearly off with the final result. AKOOL, on the other hand, provides users with hyper-realistic face swaps that look authentic. That’s why AKOOL is the clear leader for enterprise marketing teams that require realistic images and consistent performance to accomplish their goals. 


MioCreate is a popular face swapping app with a free Generative AI platform. The user-friendly tool allows novice users to create their first AI face swap image in three easy steps.

MioCreate website landing page

MioCreate’s strengths lie in its free-to-use platform and simple user interface. However, AKOOL’s powerful AI face swap app is the clear winner in our benchmark test. AKOOL’s platform provides users with higher quality, more realistic images suitable for commercial use. MioCreate’s tool, on the other hand, lacks the realism required to produce commercial-grade marketing campaigns and videos. 

Pica AI

Pika 1.0, the latest version of the AI tool, comes with many improvements over the original version of the face swap tool. It is highly user-friendly, comes with a range of customization options, and offers higher resolution results when compared to the first-generation version.

Pica AI website landing page

While Pika 1.0 is a drastic improvement over the original version, our benchmark test demonstrates that AKOOL outperforms Pika in every metric. AKOOL provides users with a higher quality, higher resolution video suitable for commercial purposes. In addition, Pika struggles with many human facial features, particularly teeth--which look pixelated and off-putting. AKOOL is the clear winner for enterprise users and content creators who need the highest-quality videos they can create to generate new business. 


Remaker is a bare-bones Generative AI platform suitable for entry-level users interested in learning more about Generative AI. The platform allows users to swap faces in videos and pictures and generate new AI faces from scratch. 

Remaker website homepage

While Remaker is an acceptable option for users interested in learning more about Generative AI, it lacks the power and performance required for enterprise users and professional content creators. AKOOL outperforms Remaker on every metric, including image resolution, color, contrast, pixelation, realism, and facial movements. 


HeyGen is an incredibly popular AI face swap tool used by novice users, commercial clients, and content creators. This powerful AI platform enables users to create realistic AI-generated videos suitable for commercial use, with high-quality visuals and few of the common “tells” associated with AI videos.

HeyGen landing page

While HeyGen is a popular AI platform for enterprise use, our benchmark tests demonstrate that it still lags behind AKOOL in several critical areas. In particular, AKOOL offers more realistic facial movements, smoother skin and facial features, and less pixelation. AKOOL is the premium option for enterprise users who want to create a commercial-ready video without additional video editing or touchups. 

The Takeaway on AI Video Face Swap Tools?

While many high-quality face swap apps are available to content creators and corporate marketing teams today, our benchmark tests clearly demonstrate that AKOOL’s AI face swap tool is the best platform on the market. That’s because it enables users to create hyper-realistic face swaps with high resolution, authentic facial movements, and excellent color saturation and contrast that look like they were created by a team of professional designers. 

Explore AKOOL’s industry-leading AI face swap platform today and start creating your own videos by clicking the "contact sales" button at the top of this page!

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