Case Studies
Richard Norton

Richard Norton, co-founder of, a small creative agency in Bristol, England, discovered Akool, a generative AI marketing platform, while seeking innovative solutions for the Cheltenham Science Festival. Impressed by Akool's capabilities showcased in an influencer marketing video, Norton decided to utilize the platform for the festival's promotion. Akool enabled the creation of a unique marketing campaign featuring a deepfake TV personality, which appeared convincingly real to the audience. This approach not only intrigued and engaged viewers but also provided a surprising reveal that captivated the festival's target audience.

an ongoing seminar, with some speakers and audience

Norton praised the platform's effectiveness, stating, "I love it, it works so well and is brilliant." He was especially impressed with the video content generated by Akool, describing it as "really crisp but looks really convincing." The successful integration of AI into the festival's marketing strategy led to a highly engaging campaign, with the AI-generated personality becoming a standout feature. Reflecting on the campaign's success, Norton remarked, "it has worked so well," highlighting the seamless and impactful application of AI technology.

Looking forward to future projects, Norton expressed his enthusiasm for continuing to work with Akool, saying, "I can't wait to use Akool for more projects." This sentiment underscores the potential for generative AI to revolutionize marketing strategies, offering creative and innovative solutions that can significantly enhance engagement and audience interaction. Through this collaboration, not only achieved remarkable success for the Cheltenham Science Festival but also set a precedent for the use of AI in event promotion and marketing.