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Lina World

Case Study: Building Lina World with Akool


Lina World (227K followers on Tiktok), inspired by the likes of Marvell World, aimed to set foot in the world of virtual influencers on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. In an age where influencers have taken the front seat in influencing brand decisions, purchase behavior, and pop culture, Lina World sought to craft a niche that merged fantasy and reality seamlessly.

Lina world, insta handle


To create an engaging and authentic-looking virtual character named Lina that would not only garner the interest of the masses but also captivate their imaginations to the point where they would believe in Lina's existence.

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Lina World turned to Akool for the answer. With the Akool tool, Lina World used "stable diffusion" to design a consistent and believable character of Lina. The technology behind stable diffusion ensured that Lina’s character retained a consistent look across various images, giving her a continuous identity.

The team then diversified Lina’s presence by creating different images with her in diverse settings, outfits, and poses, making her seem as real and relatable as any other influencer on the platform.

Moreover, with the faceswap feature in Akool, Lina was seamlessly integrated into real-world scenarios. This gave her the appearance of interacting with real people and participating in tangible experiences.

AI generated influencer, Lina, lying on a chair


The Lina Instagram account witnessed explosive growth, where it currently has over 227K followers. Fans were astounded by the quality and authenticity of Lina's character, to the point where many reached out, under the impression that Lina was a real individual. When Lina World disclosed that Lina was a virtual creation, the revelation did not deter the audience. On the contrary, the mystique around Lina grew, and users flocked to the account eager to see her next adventures.

different social media handles of Lina

Why Akool?

The decision to choose Akool wasn’t immediate. The team at Lina World stumbled upon Akool accidentally during their search for a perfect tool. Intrigued, they decided to give it a shot. While they had tried numerous other tools before, none seemed to deliver the quality and authenticity that Akool offered. The versatility of Akool, which allowed Lina World to not only create Lina's character but also seamlessly integrate her into real-world scenarios using faceswap, made it the ideal choice for this ambitious project.


Akool's innovative features provided Lina World with the tools required to create a compelling and authentic virtual presence. The success story of Lina is a testament to how technology, when used innovatively, can blur the lines between reality and fiction, creating captivating narratives in the digital age.