Case Studies
Vaseline Indonesia

Vaseline Indonesia embarked on a groundbreaking initiative by teaming up with Akool, a trailblazing Generative AI company renowned for its innovative content creation solutions. In a bid to revolutionize user engagement, Vaseline leveraged Akool's cutting-edge virtual avatar technology, introducing a novel method of personalizing consumer interactions on an unprecedented scale. Central to this campaign was the creation of a unique landing page, meticulously designed to welcome users in a highly personalized manner. 

Here, visitors were invited to input their first name, which triggered the generation of a custom video featuring Febby, a friendly and engaging female avatar. Febby, equipped with the ability to address each visitor by name, served as a virtual ambassador for Vaseline, eloquently introducing the brand's products and highlighting their benefits in a conversational and engaging format.

vaseline #bebashealing

This innovative approach did not stop at video creation. The personalized videos were not only tailored to create a memorable first impression but were also downloadable, allowing users to revisit the message at their convenience. Moreover, the campaign was designed to encourage deeper interaction between the consumers and the brand. Following the video introduction, users were presented with the option to engage in a real-time chat with Vaseline Indonesia. 

The implementation of Akool's Avatar AI technology by Vaseline Indonesia signified a pivotal moment in the realm of digital marketing within the beauty industry. It marked a departure from traditional engagement strategies, moving towards a more personalized and interactive model. The success of this initiative was evident in the significant uptick in user engagement metrics post-launch. By offering a bespoke digital experience that catered to the individual needs and curiosities of each visitor, Vaseline Indonesia not only enhanced its brand appeal but also fostered a stronger connection with its audience. 

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