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Dr. Jeff (Jiajun) Lu

Founder & CEO at Akool.

Jiajun Lu is one of the global leaders in artificial intelligence and computer vision. He has more than ten years of working experiences in both fields, has several media heavily reported projects, and managed several teams and startups to deliver great products and achieve great success.

He published a book named <Enhanced Human> and won the award Top 10 Pioneering CEOs and Top 50 CEOs of Artificial Intelligence companies.


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Deepa Sureka


David Forsyth


Mike Alford


Jia Li

Technology, Product

Our Values

All For One

Everything we do is for the overall goals of users and the team, valuing each detail's contribution to the bigger picture.

Keep On Persevering

Applauding resilience and determination, it's about believing in yourself, staying focused on goals, and achieving even greater success.

Open To Innovation

Embracing new ideas, encouraging collaboration, and staying adaptable to discover better solutions for success.

Lead With Vision

Pursuing perfection, delivering the highest quality of service.

Use Cases

Face Swap

Coca Cola's 'Ultimate You' Game

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Restaurant Chain - Il Fornaio

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Building Lina World

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