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AKOOL’s Background Change is
Perfect for Product Marketing

AKOOL's cutting-edge background generator helps you enhance product photos and digital content by switching out boring backgrounds with exotic locations and visuals that pop off the screen. This advanced tool frees up valuable time and resources for your business and can enhance online visibility, improve search engine ranking, and increase customer engagement and sales.

AKOOL’s Background Remover Quickly Boosts Sales

Swap Out Product Background Images Effortlessly

Our state-of-the-art background editing tool enables rapid-fire product and photo background swapping in minutes. This allows sales teams to quickly change product background images on e-commerce websites, print advertisements, and website photos to create stunning visuals and easily differentiate products from competitors.
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Endless Possibilities
Incredible Variety
With AKOOL's AI Background Generator, you're equipped with endless customization options to stand out on e-commerce platforms. Our tool allows you to:
Choose from dozens of pre-built wallpapers
Upload a licensed image from your favorite photography
Feature an image from your own curated collection

Product Marketing
Has Never Been Easier

Revitalize E-Commerce
With Stunning Background Images
Background Free
New Background
Background Free
New Background
Companies use AKOOL's AI Background Image tool to revolutionize their e-commerce strategies, create stunning visuals that drive sales, and stand out on websites like Amazon and eBay. Your team can use our background maker to create targeted product listings for specific demographics, rapidly change branding direction without a new photoshoot, and create product photos in various exotic locations.

Elevate your brand visuals effortlessly using

Background Change
Enhance your content's allure!

Use Cases

Image generator

For Ruth's Chris Steak House, AKOOL has proven to be much more than just an image-generating tool.

Face Swap

Maintaining Character Consistency in Film Making and Digital Storytelling

Face Enhancement

Making your content, marketing and ads more engaging and personalized.

Video translate

Transform Your Marketing Video into a Viral Sensation with Zumba!

Face Swap

Let's Feature You in Our Ad with SRK!

Realistic Avatar

Restaurant chain - Il Fornaio

Realistic Avatar

Let's Feature You in Our Ad with SRK!

Face Swap

Coca Cola's 'Ultimate You' Game

integrate our cleanup API
Elevate your projects with the fastest & most powerful API

Autonomous recognition of subjects in complex environments


Fine keying effect with no stray colors on the borders

Effortlessly Enhance Your Images with Dynamic Background
  • AI-Powered background removal
  • Generative background library
  • Real-Time preview
  • Fine-Tuning controls
  • Support the original material for processing
AI Immersive Consumer Experiences
  • Professional generated consumer content
  • User generated content
  • Personalized gaming experiences
  • More...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AKOOL's Background Change tool be used for commercial purposes?


Our AI Background Generator is perfect for individual and corporate use. Retail companies, in particular, are using AKOOL's background maker to create stunning product images that stand out on crowded sites like Amazon and eBay, which translates into considerable increases in sales volume and brand recognition. Just as importantly, these benefits can be achieved by cutting costs associated with graphic designers, which are much higher than the comparatively low cost of an AKOOL enterprise account.

AKOOL's background photo tool helps companies stand out from the competition on major websites like Amazon by creating compelling images that look like a professional photographer took them. These high-quality product images play a crucial role in capturing potential customers' attention and communicating the value of your products. The best images also help you differentiate your offerings in Amazon search results, attracting more customer clicks to the listing itself and rapidly growing your e-commerce sales. AKOOL's background photo tool can help your company elevate its product images to stand out from the competition, increasing its visual appeal and driving sales across all major e-commerce platforms.

None! AKOOL's background photo tool is simple to use and requires absolutely no technical background. Professional designers and novices alike can create a stunning product image or photo in less than 5 minutes with our AI background maker. Use this platform to help launch a new product line or make a viral social media post. Your creativity is the only limit!

AKOOL is firmly committed to protecting your user data and ensuring the responsible use of Generative AI. We accomplish this by implementing trusted encryption and access controls to safeguard your sensitive data, ensuring your pictures and data are never leaked. We are also dedicated to preventing the exploitation of Generative AI for criminal means and work diligently to ensure our platform is never used for fraudulent activities. Our data privacy controls and a strong commitment to the ethical use of AI make AKOOL the premier option for enterprises that value the ethical application of AI.

Yes. AKOOL makes it easy to upload a custom background image to insert into your photograph or product image. You can use a picture from your smartphone or computer, or find a stock photo image that perfectly encapsulates the vibe you're seeking. Just make sure you have the legal right to use the image you upload from a stock image site or written permission from the photographer to avoid legal action.

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