How to Make a Commercial With AI Marketing Tools
June 10, 2024
Learn how to make high-quality commercials quickly and cost-effectively with AKOOL’s AI tools. Start transforming your ads today!

Once upon a time, only giant companies could make flashy, high-profile commercials. After all, these video advertisements demanded huge budgets, vast manpower, and tons of time to produce. 

Smaller businesses (if they were lucky) might produce low-budget advertisements on late-night television. They certainly did not have the resources to produce multiple commercials for different customer segments.

However, the emergence of powerful AI video production and editing tools over the past several years has rapidly transformed the world of video advertisements. Today, companies of all sizes are turning to AI video platforms like AKOOL to create professional-grade commercials at a fraction of the cost.

Your team can also leverage AI tools to create high-quality advertisements that provide the same immersive experience as big-budget studios and Madison Avenue advertising agencies. Just as importantly, you can accomplish this with a modest budget and small staff. 

Here’s our guide on using AI to create commercials. I hope it shows how any company can use this emerging technology to transform their marketing efforts and reach new customers. 

The Benefits of Using AI to Create Commercials

Major companies and small businesses alike are turning to AI to create commercials quicker and cheaper than ever before?

Why is AI rapidly taking over the world of commercial production? 

Because AI helps reduce costs associated with advertisements by eliminating or reducing the need for human actors, automating the scriptwriting process, helping teams produce high-quality commercials in a single take, and streamlining the video editing process. 

Today, companies are leveraging an array of technology to automate the commercial production process with AI tools. These include:

  • Scriptwriting tools like Scripted and Lumen5
  • AI cameras such as Alice Camera and Skydio
  • Video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Runway ML
  • Audio editing platforms such as Descript and Auphonic

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding with AI

One of the quickest ways to save money and increase efficiency in commercial production is by using AI to write a commercial script and assist with the storyboarding process. This eliminates the need for a team of professional writers and rapidly accelerates the pace of the creative process—and allows for endless localization in a variety of languages.

Earlier this year, 20th Century Fox collaborated with IBM Watson to create an AI-written trailer and associated chatbot for the horror movie Morgan. The film studio used a large language model (LLM) to write the trailer script and create an array of customized, immersive advertisements that delighted customers and made major waves in the industry. 

Shooting and Editing with AI Technologies

While LLMs like ChatGPT have dominated headlines about AI and are revolutionizing the scriptwriting and storyboarding processes, one of the most promising AI applications is in shooting and editing commercials themselves. 

This new use of AI is important because it is an incredible cost- and time-saving measure, with the potential to save companies vast sums of money and manpower. AI-driven cameras, for instance, are helping studios nail the first take and avoid multiple re-shoots. That’s because they’re able to autofocus, recognize faces, and track movements in real time.

In addition, many companies are leveraging AI avatars to avoid human actors altogether. These digital actors eliminate the need for physical shoots and allow companies to rapidly create personalized advertisements for their customers without requiring days of intensive shoots at a film studio. 

Finally, post-production editing is streamlined by AI. Organizations can use software, like AKOOL or Adobe Sensei, to analyze footage and automatically edit videos for clarity, transitions, and other features that help create an immersive experience. 

Customizing Content for Different Audiences

Customer segmentation and personalization are the future of advertising. Over the past decade, companies have slowly begun to transition to marketing customization as a way to reach new clients and boost sales. However, this was a costly and time-consuming process—until the emergence of AI.

Today, companies can leverage AI video editing tools, like AKOOL, to create hyper-personalized content for each of their consumer demographics. This helps them address customer pain points and increase conversion rates without breaking the advertising budget.

Netflix is a great example of a company that has leveraged customized content to better serve its customers. The video streaming giant has long used personalized movie trailers to pitch films to its customers, using their past viewing habits and preferences to create numerous trailers for each film. 

The company even customizes the movie preview images for each of its films based on past behavior. This has resulted in higher user engagement rates and retention numbers, two critical metrics that have allowed the company to retain its dominance in the streaming age. 

Future Trends in AI and Commercial Production

While AI video production tools are still a relatively new phenomenon, they are already transforming the way that businesses are creating commercials and reaching new customers through hyper-personalized segmentation.

We expect that personalization will continue to become the key to success in the coming years, as the spread of AI-driven content will make segmentation the norm. Companies that fail to adapt to this new normal will struggle to acquire new customers and fall behind the competition.

In addition, companies like AKOOL are investing heavily in advanced algorithms that bring emotional nuance into the video production process. This will soon allow advertising teams to create high-impact advertisements that appeal to consumer emotions and leave lasting impressions long after the commercial has ended.

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