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Coca Cola

Case Study: Coca Cola's 'Ultimate You' Game with Akool


In an effort to launch and promote their new flavor, 'Coca Cola Ultimate,' Coca Cola sought a unique way to engage consumers and provide an immersive experience unlike any other. They envisioned a browser-based game that would allow consumers to not just play but become a part of the game itself.

a coca cola tweet with #cocacolaultimate


To create an interactive game where consumers could see themselves in the world of 'Coca Cola Ultimate' and ensure a seamless integration of real faces into a virtual environment, maintaining the fidelity and authenticity of user images while providing a fun and engaging experience.

a train in subway with many face-swapped passengers


Coca Cola collaborated with Akool, known for its state-of-the-art faceswap technology. With Akool’s expertise, the game 'Ultimate You' was developed. In this unique browser-based adventure, players could take a photo of their face and swap it onto a video game character. As their personalized character, players would traverse through a series of challenges and adventures in a world inspired by the flavors and essence of 'Coca Cola Ultimate.'

The Akool technology ensured that the faceswap was not just a superficial overlay but a detailed integration, adapting to the game's lighting, angles, and motions. This made the experience deeply personal and engaging for the players.

two passengers in a train, one with a face-swapped


'Ultimate You' saw a tremendous reception upon launch. Players were thrilled to see themselves in the world of 'Coca Cola Ultimate,' navigating challenges and experiencing the game firsthand. This interactive marketing strategy bolstered the launch of 'Coca Cola Ultimate,' driving both game participation and product curiosity.

The word of mouth generated by the game’s unique faceswap feature resulted in a ripple effect of increased brand engagement. Players shared their gaming experiences on social media, leading to more users being curious and trying out the game themselves.

Why Akool?

Coca Cola's choice to collaborate with Akool stemmed from Akool's reputation as a leading faceswap company, offering unparalleled precision and realism. The requirement was for a tool that could seamlessly integrate real faces into a digital environment without compromising the authenticity of the user's image, and Akool's technology was tailor-made for such a challenge.


The collaboration between Coca Cola and Akool for 'Ultimate You' highlighted the potential of combining innovative technology with interactive marketing. Through the successful integration of faceswap technology into a gaming environment, Coca Cola provided consumers with a unique and memorable experience, ensuring the successful promotion of 'Coca Cola Ultimate.'