AKOOL Creator Fund

A Warm Invitation to Digital Artisans, Social Media Influencers, and Rising Celebrities!

We're ecstatic to launch our restructured Fund for Creators—a remarkable platform for artistic individuals at every skill level to spotlight their abilities, engage a larger viewership, and monetize their creative output. At AKOOL, we champion creator empowerment and strive to offer fair chances for all, irrespective of follower statistics or subscriber totals.

How does it work?

Participating in the AKOOL Fund for Creators couldn't be more straightforward —just follow these easy-to-understand instructions:

Produce a Video Utilizing or Featuring AKOOL

Your video can delve into any subject matter, as long as it includes an AKOOL watermark and is crafted using AKOOL's resources. Should you wish to remove the AKOOL watermark, the video should be solely centered on AKOOL.

Publish Your Creative Piece and Garner Attention

As soon as your video is prepped, disseminate it by uploading it onto one of our approved platforms.

Generate Income Based on Viewership

The greater the number of views, the higher your earnings! Once you're content with your video’s viewership, fill in our application form to claim your earnings.

Not sure what to create? Here are some great examples:

Criteria for Submission:

YouTube (5 minute min)500$25.00$2500.00
TikTok & YouTube Shorts2,000$7.50$750
Twitter & Facebook3,000$1.50$500
LinkedIn & Instagram3,000$1.00$300

All submissions must be created after November 6, 2023.

Videos must both incorporate the AKOOL watermark and be explicitly focused on AKOOL.

Submissions must be in English.

Ensure that your content is an original creation.

Each creator can only submit 1 video per month.

Compensation is a one-time process per entry.

You are not eligible to resubmit identical content if you have already monetized a video through another program.

Achieve over 1,000,000 views? We'll DOUBLE your payout!

You will be disqualified if you bought, farmed, botted or manipulated your number of views/impressions in any way. We reserve the right to disqualify any submission with or without cause.The final interpretation is owned by AKOOL Inc.

If you have any questions or need help, please email: info@akool.com. By participating in this program, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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