How to Change Faces in Videos Online With AKOOL
April 12, 2024
Discover the easy way to change faces in videos online! Explore AKOOL's step-by-step guide and tools for seamless and realistic face swaps.

Face swapping apps, which allow users to replace a face in a video using their own image, have exploded in popularity in recent years.

This AI-driven technology enables users to create entertaining content for social media, such as memes, funny videos, and TikTok shorts. Digital content creators and major companies are also beginning to use AI face swaps to create engaging, personalized advertisements and marketing campaigns that appeal to the next generation of consumers. 

Social media users love the ability to swap faces in videos, create original content, and share funny memes with their friends. 

This helps storytellers create vast amounts of customized content quickly and cheaply, making it a defining digital tool for the AI era. It’s also revolutionizing the retail industry by enabling customers to create digital avatars and try on new clothing online. Matthew Drinkwater, head of London’s College of Fashion’s Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA), told Forbes, “If people can superimpose themselves onto brand’s models, tweaking themselves to fit, they may even become part of that brand’s messaging. At a time when consumers are increasingly keen to get close to brands, this is something that will facilitate closeness.”

AKOOL’s face swap app is the best tool for changing faces, helping graphic design professionals and social media users embrace Generative AI as a tool for creativity. In this guide, we’ll walk new users through changing faces in online videos. By the end of this article, you’ll be prepared to create your own realistic video shorts and marketing campaigns in minutes!

Introducing AKOOL’s Online Video Face Swap Tool

AKOOL’s face-swapping platform is one of the most user-friendly and realistic tools available today, so it’s beloved by professionals and novices alike. It works on PCs, Macs, and all major smartphone platforms. AKOOL also allows users to edit faces, change background images, and modify their appearance with endless customization options. 

Fans of AKOOL rave about the platform’s easy learning curve and photorealistic results. Content creators and large companies prize the tool because it creates hyper-realistic, digitally altered videos that look like they were created by professionals. 

AKOOL’s face swap tool is the best way to replace faces in videos without compromising quality.

Digital marketing experts at companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Microsoft are already using the tool. Chris McDermott, owner of Intercoastal Consulting & Life Care Planning, told Tech Bullion that “Digital marketing campaigns can be considerably improved using artificial intelligence.”

Step-by-Step Guide: Change Faces in Videos with AKOOL

Generative AI tools are no longer a futuristic prediction—social media users and corporate marketing teams are integrating AI into content creation, video editing, and marketing campaigns with fantastic success.

The rapid adoption of this exciting technology means that AI skills will soon be one of the most sought-after skills for marketing, graphic design, and product development professionals. Mastering AI face tools can jumpstart your career and help you thrive in the AI era. 

You, too, can start using AI tools like AKOOL’s face swap app to begin producing realistic images and videos without prior knowledge and just a few minutes of time.

Step 1: 

Click on the navigation menu at the top right-hand corner of AKOOL’s website and select the AI Tools page from the Tools tab. Then, select the 2nd option, titled Face Swap.

Face Swap tool selection

Step 2: 

Click the Choose Files button to search your computer for images or drag and drop a supported image file to start creating. 

Face swap image choice

Step 3: 

Select a face in the photo to swap out. If there are more than one face in the photo you selected, indicate which face you’d like to change. 

Step 4:

Select the face you want to swap into the photo. You can choose one of AKOOL’s pre-loaded avatars or upload a photo of yourself from your phone or desktop. 

 Face swap face customization

Step 5:

Choose one of AKOOL’s fun customization options, which includes the ability to simulate the aging or de-aging of your chosen face. Alternatively, enhance the quality of your chosen face for high-resolution images like website banners, posters, or desktop wallpapers. 

Step 6: 

Click High Quality Face Swap to change faces in minutes. AKOOL will process the photo using your customization choices and produce a realistic AI-generated image in minutes. 

Face swap results

Tips to Change a Face in Video Realistically

While many tools allow users to change faces in videos using an online video editor tool, many apps produce lackluster results. Choose a highly-rated AI face swap app like AKOOL to get the most bang for your buck. In addition, it's essential to follow best practices to get the best result.

Use the following tips to ensure that your AI video is high-quality and realistic:

Start with a good image: Ensure your source image has excellent lighting and a high resolution. Avoid blurry, overexposed photos and faces photographed from the side. 

Select faces with similar features: When choosing an online video to swap your face, ensure your face shapes, skin tone, and facial expressions are similar to achieve a seamless result.

Test out all the customization options: AKOOL gives users endless customization options to ensure images and videos are realistic, eye-popping, and fun. 

Practice, practice, practice: The more you use AKOOL's video editing tool, the better you'll get at quickly creating realistic face swaps and AI-generated videos.

Get Started WithAKOOL's AI Face Swap Tool

Generative AI tools, like AKOOL's face swap platform, are already revolutionizing the world of content marketing and advertising. Professionals and social media users are turning to AI to replace faces in content to produce advertising materials and interactive marketing campaigns at a fraction of their previous cost. That's one reason why Bloomberg Intelligence predicts that the Generative AI market will reach $1.3 trillion by 2032--an explosive growth from the sector's $40 billion valuation in 2022.

AKOOL's face swap platform is a simple-to-use AI video editing tool with a gentle learning curve and endless customization options. It allows users to produce photorealistic face swaps and enjoy this emerging technology's benefits without a specialized skillset or hours spent manually editing photos. 

Creative professionals can boost their career prospects and make themselves indispensable by embracing AI platforms like AKOOL. By using AKOOL's face swap app and AI avatar tool to increase productivity and quality of work, marketers are transforming their industry and how consumers interact with digital media. 

Get to know AKOOL's Face Swap app to start adding your face to videos and creating your AI content today!

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