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Seamlessly Localize Content To Ensure Global Accessibility With Advanced Lip-sync Technology

Revolutionary AI Audio and Video Translation

Experience the future of video translation with our revolutionary AI technology, offering seamless translation and advanced lip-sync capabilities in 29+ languages. Expand your audience reach effortlessly by sharing your content globally through automated translation. With advanced lip-sync technology, ensure seamless audio-visual alignment for an engaging viewer experience. Increase views and attract international subscribers, driving exponential growth for your content.

Global Commerce in Your Hands

Translate Full-Length Recordings in Minutes

Our AI audio and video translator is incredibly easy to use. Set up the translator by clicking the Video Translate tab from the dropdown Tools menu and upload your source file to get started. AKOOL's video translator is the most straightforward platform on the market today and can generate a technically accurate video in minutes, with fewer steps than placing an Amazon order.
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The World's Premier Video Translator

AKOOL's video translator is widely regarded as one of the most advanced platforms, providing unparalleled accuracy, linguistic fluency, and critical cultural nuances. Our AI video translation tool empowers you to deliver compelling and culturally relevant video content, driving engagement and fostering meaningful connections with global audiences.

AI Video Translation with Full-Face Re-Animation

  • Localize for any languages automatically, with studio quality results
  • Accurate voice clone and translation
  • Hard case support: multiple speakers, heavy occlusions, different head orientations and more

AI-driven immersion in consumer experiences through Video Translation

  • Dynamic video content creation supported by AI-driven translation, catering to diverse global audiences
  • Advanced lip-sync technology ensuring immersive audio-visual alignment
  • Interactive interfaces enhancing engagement through intuitive navigation and feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AKOOL's Video Translator feature?


AKOOL's Video Translator allows users to upload a video with a single speaker and translates the spoken language into a different language. The feature also adjusts the speaker's mouth movements to match the translated audio naturally.

The tool uses advanced AI algorithms to first transcribe and translate the spoken words into the desired language. Then, it generates synchronized lip movements that match the new audio, ensuring a natural-looking result.

Yes, AKOOL's Video Translator supports various languages. You can select your desired language for translation when using the feature.

The translation accuracy is high, thanks to our sophisticated AI algorithms. The lip-syncing is also meticulously crafted to align with the translated speech, providing a natural appearance.

The feature works best with videos that have a single speaker, clear audio, and good lighting. Videos with multiple speakers or background noise may not yield optimal results.

Yes, the limit is 300MB.

Common video formats such as MP4, MOV, and AVI are supported.

We take user privacy seriously. All videos uploaded for translation are processed securely, and we ensure that user data is handled with strict confidentiality and in compliance with privacy laws.

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