New API Is Helping Enterprises Scale Customer Engagement With Generative AI Tools
May 13, 2024
Explore the possibilities of Generative AI tools for enterprise marketing. Discover how AI APIs can revolutionize your customer engagement strategies.

No matter what industry you’re in, effective marketing is often the “make or break” difference between success and failure. 

However, your marketing tools and methods are more important today than ever before. Generative AI is enabling teams just like yours to rapidly scale marketing efforts and boost customer engagement. 

If you rely on traditional marketing methods, you’re likely to fall behind your more innovative competitors. In this post, we’ll explore the ways Gen AI can streamline your marketing, solve common pain points for businesses, and make you a leader in your industry. 

The Challenges of Traditional Enterprise Marketing

To fully grasp just how game-changing Gen AI is for enterprise marketing, we need to take a quick glance at the drawbacks of traditional marketing methods. 

Manual enterprise marketing involves doing everything from scratch. Even if your team uses technology for things like editing and post-production work, the actual content creation workflows are all done by hand. 

Take marketing videos, for instance. If you’re using legacy workflows, your videos are shot using real actors. If you want to pursue international marketing, you’ll need to create multiple from-scatch videos in the different languages spoken by your target audiences. 

This makes it crystal clear why outdated marketing methods result in:

  • Bottlenecks around time and cash: Traditional marketing is expensive and time-consuming. This can quickly eat into your bottom line and interfere with your overall profitability. 
  • Inability to personalize content at scale: Personalized marketing content is usually much more successful. People are naturally more motivated to buy a product or interact with a brand if they feel a personal connection to it. Marketing personalization can be complex, and it’s extremely costly at scale. 
  • Inability to rapidly test ideas: To stay competitive and drive engagement, you need to be able to quickly create and deploy different marketing ideas. Unless you have access to AI, rapidly producing high-quality work is difficult. Businesses tend to be faced with a trade-off between quality and speed. 
  • Difficulties controlling headcount: When you do all your marketing by hand, you’ll find it more difficult to control your organization’s headcount. If your marketing is successful and you start scaling, you’ll need more marketing…see where this is going? Your marketing headcount can get away from you quickly. 

Luckily, there’s a better way to tackle enterprise marketing.

Generative AI Tools for Enterprises 

Gen AI is revolutionizing seemingly every corner of the business world, and enterprise marketing is no exception. AI can save your marketing team hours on tedious manual work each month, allowing them to focus on your company's long-term strategic trajectory. 

Let’s look at some of the ways Gen AI can streamline enterprise marketing and solve some of the problems we’ve just discussed. 

Gen AI Makes Audience Segmentation Much Easier 

Most businesses pursue audience segmentation to some degree, especially if you offer multiple products or operate in numerous verticals. 

Gen AI tools make it easy to quickly produce different pieces of marketing content aimed at your various audiences. On top of that, some AI marketing solutions can even offer automated segmentation suggestions that your marketing team might not even think of. 

That dramatically boosts the odds of long-term customer engagement. 

AI Tools Become More Skilled as You Use Them 

One of the constant challenges that marketing teams face is the need to improve on their last idea. Business has become hyper-competitive in practically every sector, and customers won’t engage with content unless it’s top-tier. 

Human marketing teams often struggle to come up with their next great idea. Gen AI marketing tools can help offset that, and inject extra creativity into your marketing department when it’s needed. 

That’s because AI marketing tools become more skilled at representing your brand the more they work with your data. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement, and it can help bridge the gap when your marketing team is having a rough day. 

Gen AI Allows You to 'Overproduce' and Use Only the Best Results 

Marketing teams need to quickly and consistently produce large amounts of content. This can be a real struggle and even lead to burnout among team members. 

What sounds better to you? 

  1. Have your team frantically work to produce a single video for your upcoming marketing campaign and hope it performs well. 
  1. Have your marketing team use Gen AI to create 5 high-grade videos for your campaign and select the best one based on strategic criteria.

If you’re thinking that option two is the best choice, you’re right on the money. By streamlining content creation with Gen AI, you can rapidly produce large amounts of film-grade marketing content. 

This allows you to take a step back, view each video through a more strategic lens, and select the one that’s most likely to boost engagement among your target audience. 

Marketing Automation Simplifies International Campaigns 

International marketing is one of the hardest aspects of modern business. It’s also one of the trickiest subsets of marketing when it comes to customer engagement.

The reasons for this include: 

  • Language barriers: Language differences make effective international marketing quite challenging. From-scratch content production usually involves hiring a different actor for each language you’re shooting in. And if your translation results are anything less than perfect, you can bet that your native-speaking target audience won’t engage with your content. 
  • Cultural differences: Subtle differences between cultures and common idioms can pose challenges to effective communication and marketing. If you’re not careful, you could get the wrong idea across to your viewers. 
  • Quality shortfalls: The other problem with international marketing videos is the common issue of poor quality. Even if you get creative and use automated software to speed up translation and lip-syncing, your mileage may vary depending on the tools you choose. 

Gen AI tools make it incredibly easy to localize your marketing videos and engage with new target audiences all around the world. 

Until now, it’s been extremely difficult for businesses to integrate Gen AI into their existing content creation workflows. However, AKOOL’s new Gen AI API is making professional marketing automation more accessible than ever.

AKOOL’S Gen AI API can Boost Marketing Engagement

AKOOL’s API can plug right into your team’s current marketing processes, allowing them to get right back to work producing high-engagement content. 

These days, marketing competition is fierce. It’s not enough to think of customer engagement in a vacuum. You’re not just trying to engage viewers–you’re trying to steal their attention from hundreds of thousands of other companies who are desperately competing for it.

Let’s examine how AKOOL’s Gen AI API can help you stand out from the crowd and consistently boost audience engagement. 

  • Studio quality face swap: AKOOL’s industry-leading face swap app can help you create quality advertising campaigns in a fraction of the time. Audiences demand novelty in marketing content, and they’ll scroll right past anything that seems stale or dull. Face swapping is a fast and simple way to get eye-catching marketing results. 
  • Stunning Gen AI images: Over 8,000 companies are using AKOOL’s Gen AI text-to-image generator to create stunning marketing campaigns. Why spend thousands on a graphic designer when lush, professional images are just a few keystrokes away? With AKOOL’s API, your team can generate breathtaking images even if no one has design experience. 
  • Personalized avatar design: Using realistic avatars in your ad campaigns and social media content is a great way to give viewers the immersive experiences they crave. Remember, an immersed viewer is an engaged viewer–audience immersion is the marketing gold standard. Avatar creation is a great approach for training tutorials, educational videos, and much more. 
  • Talking photos: When it comes to marketing engagement, audiences demand novelty. Viewers are inundated with ads and marketing content from companies every single day, and only novelty–paired with genuine value, of course–will grab their attention. AKOOL’S API lets you easily bring your photos to life, transforming them into interactive media to captivate any viewer. 

Thanks to AKOOL’S Gen AI API, it’s never been easier to create lasting brand engagement through world-class marketing. 

Are You Sprinting Forward or Falling Behind? 

There’s no way around it, business success demands innovation. And marketing is no exception. In a 2023 study that asked U.S. marketers about their workflows, only 17% weren’t using Gen AI tools to improve their efficiency and creativity. 

The future of enterprise marketing is here, and if you’re not sprinting forward, you’re falling behind. AKOOL’s Gen AI API can streamline marketing workflows, take quality control to new heights, and generate lasting customer engagement. 

To learn more about boosting engagement with Gen AI, check out our recent blog post

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