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AKOOL's face swapping app is an industry-leading tool designed to boost your marketing team's efficiency and generate eye-catching advertising campaigns in minutes. This Generative AI platform helps innovative companies transform stock images and easily create personalized visual marketing adverts for commercials, social media content, and e-commerce platforms--at a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced graphic designer. Embrace the future of marketing by creating personalized advertisements for your customers and selecting demographics using our studio-quality Generative AI tool for your next project.
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Swap Faces in 4 Easy Steps

Swap faces to create high-impact, professional-grade marketing campaigns in minutes.
Choose one of AKOOL's numerous stock face options to create a custom marketing campaign in minutes. Or upload an image of your model, customer, or celebrity endorser to start creating unique advertisements that look like a high-end design studio painstakingly created with a team of artists. You can also age your model to make them look older or de-age your model to display a younger version of themselves using the same technology prized by major Hollywood studios.
Upload your source photo or video
from your PC or Smartphone to AKOOL’s face swap app
Select the face you’d like to swap
to replace in the stock image
Select a photo from your stock database
or upload an image of your model’s face
Click the HQ face swap button
to generate your realistic AI image in minutes

World’s Most Advanced Face Swap Tool

Produce images and videos with the best in class AI tools. 
Animated Face Swap
Change out faces as part of an animation or moving photos
Group Face Swap
Change multiple faces in a single image for group photos
Video Face Swap
Edit high quality videos with changing features

Endless Customization
Personalized Advertising

Unlimited and secure
High resolution
Facial enhancement

Industry Leading
Face Swap Technology

Our platform is widely recognized as one of the world's most advanced face swap tools. With AKOOL, enterprise marketing teams can swap faces in stock photos and videos, eliminating the need to film new commercials and spend countless hours editing post-production. Over 10,000 companies use AKOOL because our platform produces photorealistic, AI-generated images with endless customization options. With AKOOL, the only limit is your imagination.

Use Cases

Image generator

For Ruth's Chris Steak House, AKOOL has proven to be much more than just an image-generating tool.

Face Swap

Maintaining Character Consistency in Film Making and Digital Storytelling

Face Enhancement

Making your content, marketing and ads more engaging and personalized.

Video translate

Transform Your Marketing Video into a Viral Sensation with Zumba!

Face Swap

Let's Feature You in Our Ad with SRK!

Realistic Avatar

Restaurant chain - Il Fornaio

Realistic Avatar

Let's Feature You in Our Ad with SRK!

Face Swap

Coca Cola's 'Ultimate You' Game

integrate our cleanup API
API provides everything you need to quickly and efficiently,including multiple face swap, age change, filter, and high quality output setting.

Supports flexible customisation and fast call-up


Simultaneous multi-tasking and dynamic capacity expansion


Supports conversion of large files with high output quality


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Studio Quality Video Face-Swap
  • Unleashing the imagination
  • Super natural results
  • Ultra high resolution: (4K, 8K, Ready for Commercial Usage)
  • Scale for global campaigns
  • Handles the most challenging situations: fast movements, face occlusions, rapid lighting changes, and more.
AI Immersive Consumer Experiences
  • Professional generated consumer content
  • User generated content
  • Personalized gaming experiences
  • More...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a background in graphic design or technology to use the Face Swap tool?


AKOOL's face swap app is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing beginners and technical novices to effortlessly craft professional-grade face swap videos and inventive marketing campaigns with no learning curve. We've found that most novice users can produce their first high-quality image or video in less than 10 minutes, while advanced users often accomplish this in less than two minutes. Embrace the business potential of AKOOL's face swap tool today and unleash your creativity by generating AI-powered photos and videos in minutes.

AKOOL's state-of-the-art Generative AI platform is versatile and perfect for both commercial and personal use. That's why thousands of marketing and product development companies use AKOOL's face swap app to create engaging advertising campaigns, tailored shopping interactions, and viral social media content. Check out our case studies to learn how Fortune 500 companies, like Coca-Cola, use AKOOL to create immersive video games and advertising experiences that turn viewers into loyal customers.

The FaceSwaps produced by AKOOL's face-swapping tool is remarkably precise and incredibly realistic, making it one of the most cutting-edge deep fake applications currently on the market. Unlike similar tools that offer poor-quality photos and unrealistic results that are not ready for widespread use, AKOOL's technology is fully matured. It will produce eye-catching images that look like a professional artist drafted them.

The AKOOL face swap tool supports JPEG, PNG, and WebP formats. Users can download their final artwork in the PNG file format, which is suitably high-resolution to blow up to banner or poster size. The PNG format ensures a high-resolution image tailored for large formats.

You can easily export AKOOL's expressive face swap animations and personalized avatars to your desktop or mobile device. These unique animations are compatible with most video editing software, allowing you to integrate your face swap photos or video into various innovative visual ideas, including AI-generated videos, memes, and GIFs.

'Face Swap' utilizes cutting-edge facial recognition and editing technology. Upload your photo or video, select the face you want to swap with, and let AKOOL's advanced algorithms work their magic. Sit back and witness the software seamlessly integrate the faces, delivering a high-quality, professional-grade masterpiece in no time.

Yes, you can! You can upload a movie clip you like and upload a head shot of yours! You can transform into iconic characters from your favorite films and share the results with your friends and social media followers.

Absolutely! 'Face Swap' is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It comes with a user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions to ensure that anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can enjoy and utilize its features.

We take data privacy seriously. 'Face Swap' follows strict security protocols to ensure the protection of your personal information. We do not share or sell your data to third parties, and your privacy is our top priority.

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