How to Create a Talking Face Animation with AI
March 18, 2024
Master the art of AI-powered talking face animation with AKOOL! Explore our guide for step-by-step tips and tools for creating lifelike animated faces effortlessly.

AI-created visuals are rapidly becoming one of the most exciting technologies associated with Generative AI platforms. This tool allows everyday users and corporate professionals to create compelling, eye-popping image and video marketing campaigns without the steep learning curve previously associated with graphic design. As a result, companies are turning to tools like talking face animation to produce personalized content at a fraction of its previous cost.

Talking face animations allow companies to create low-cost, highly effective digital marketing campaigns.

Marketers, advertising firms, product development teams, and customer service departments are looking to these tools as the future of media creation. This technology enables them to create immersive videos with digital avatars and use celebrities' likenesses, with permission, to create exciting new campaigns that no longer break the budget. As a result, visual AI is becoming one of the most in-demand skills for up-and-coming professionals in these fields. 

Understanding Talking Face Animation

A talking face animation involves creating a realistic AI-generated avatar that mimics a natural person's facial movements and expressions. This digital avatar is typically synced with audio to create an animated video that can pass for a real actor or company spokesman, allowing companies to produce large volumes of content with minimal expenses. 

Hollywood studios are already embracing this technology to save time in the post-processing stage. Additionally, large corporations are working with celebrities to create avatars that can be integrated into advertisements and other product placement initiatives. 

Los Angeles-based news station Channel 1 is one of the companies embracing talking head videos to streamline the video production process. The network recently announced plans to launch the first nationally syndicated US news station using AI-generated news anchors. Channel 1’s founder, Adam Mosam, told the Daily Mail that his company seeks to "get out in front and create a responsible use of technology." They accomplish this by creating useful AI talking heads trusted to deliver the new impartially.

Industry leaders expect the use of these AI avatars to explode over the next few years as the technology matures. Experts predict that companies will soon use generated talking faces to provide personalized customer service experiences to customers, create lifelike characters for video shorts and animated films, and create online courses that expand access to knowledge.

Introduction to AKOOL's AI-Based Talking Faces Technology

AKOOL is a leader in Generative AI and has developed one of the most impressive and intuitive talking faces platforms, helping users create lifelike animated faces and marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time it previously took.

The company's Talking Photo tool is beloved by individuals since it allows them to create funny memes, impressive social media short films, and other quirky animations with no learning curve. AKOOL's Avatar platform is also used by numerous Fortune 500 companies to create realistic video chatbots, advertising campaigns, and social media shorts that resonate with consumers and help brands reach a new audience.

AKOOL's AI video technology is already transforming how companies reach new customers.

The company's talking faces platform is best-in-class because it is easy to use and intuitive for non-specialists. Plus, it offers incredible customization options and creates hyper-realistic AI videos that look just like real actors--all for an incredibly reasonable price. 

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Speaking Faces Animations with AKOOL

When you use AKOOL, the platform will automatically produce a realistic talking face animation, ensuring that your avatar’s facial expressions, lip-syncing, and other characteristics are perfectly matched with the audio

To start with AKOOL, simply create an account using your email address or Gmail credentials. Now, you're ready to get started! Just follow our instructions below. 

Talking Photo

Step 1:

Click on the dropdown menu at the top right-hand corner of your screen and select the Talking Photo page from the Tools tab.

How to Create a Talking Face Animation with AI - Demo with Elon Musk Face

Step 2:

Upload an image from your computer or smartphone. 

Step 3:

Enter the words for your talking photo in the text section. Make sure to write exactly how you would speak aloud.

How to Create a Talking Face Animation with AI

Step 4:

Select your talking head's gender, language, and tone of voice. Next, select the talking speed (we recommend the default "1x").

Step 5:

Click High Quality Generate to create your customized talking photo!

Realistic Avatar

Step 1: 

Click on the dropdown menu at the top right-hand corner of your screen and select the Realistic Avatar page from the Tools tab.

Step 2:

Pick one of AKOOL's 45 distinct avatars. Or, click the Asset tab from the lefthand menu to upload a picture from your device or create a custom avatar using text instructions. 

selecting the talking avatar

Step 3: 

Optional - Add stickers, emojis, icons, background images, and music to your custom video by selecting the Element tab from the left-hand menu. 

Customize the talking avatar

Step 4: 

Optional - Add a title, subtitle, and body text to your video by selecting the Text tab from the left-hand menu.

Step 5: 

Enter the words for your talking photo in the text section or upload your own audio by clicking the optional Audio Script button. Make sure to write exactly how you would speak aloud. Optional - Add a 5 second pause with the clock icon at the bottom right of the text box when you want your avatar to naturally pause in between thoughts and sentences.

Step 6: 

Select your talking head's gender, language, and tone of voice. Next, select the talking speed (we recommend the default "1x").

Step 7: 

Click High Quality Generate to create your Realistic Avatar!

Talking Faces are Poised to Transform Storytelling and Marketing

Generative AI is already transforming the way companies interact with customers. Soon, customers will enjoy personalized shopping experiences with AI avatars leading the way. They’ll help consumers explore new products, ask questions with a digital customer service agent, and create their own AI avatars to interact with others on social media.

Victor Riparbelli, co-founder and CEO of Synthesia, recently told Variety, "We're at an inflection point where AI is beginning to change how we're able to effectively produce digital content." Expect to see the use of AI avatars increase rapidly in 2024 as more enterprises embrace Generative AI as the key to boosting sales and cultivating customer loyalty through personalized, immersive experiences.

Get Started with AKOOL's Talking Faces Tool

To start creating your own talking head and custom avatar, create an account and explore AKOOL's Realistic Avatar tool to build your own AI-generated video in minutes! 

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