Build and test drive your very own intelligent virtual avatar Building is simple. You can use your phone camera to capture and generate your virtual 3D avatar which replicates your expressions and motion. After which you can use simple text commands to give your avatar personality traits, voice and a life of its own.*Akool powers avatars personality and dialogue, and can be used with any avatar or character designs for your industry.
Make your avatars alive. Make magic happen.
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Super easy to get your own smart avatar.
Build your avatar with few clicks. You only need to input one portrait photo to locate and extract facial features and generate personalized virtual images instantly. Then carry out DIY face customization on models in multiple dimensions. Personalize dress-up and change diverse outfits for free.
Make your avatar do what you wish. You can use simple text commands to give your avatar personality traits, voice and a life of its own.Support face-driven, body-driven avatar, gesture recognition and voice-driven avatar, with the input of text or audio, the avatar is able to take on the same shape of the mouth in real time.
Make your avatar work for you. Your digital asset is unique and can be accessed and used across different platforms.
As a big regional smart solutions provider, TCC has been the pioneer in digital change to keep its pole position in an increasingly technology driven and interconnected world, especially devoted to Saudi Arabia, the exclusive partnership with Akool has breathed new life into our digital solutions.
Bandar Alhaqbani CEO, Technology Control Company
Creating with Akool AI
Strive to improve your productivity and the quality of digital content. Modeling, driving, rendering, editing, and compositing processes are gradually automated on the basis of more mature virtual avatar technology, brought up to speed in real-time and made more intelligent. Compared with live performance, there is more space for free play, and the creative content and extension spaces are released to improve the content production efficiency and reduce production costs in a significant way.
Refine the fan economy and help your brand spread rapidly. The persona, words, and deeds of virtual idols are controlled by the brand and are more controllable and secure than those of a real human star. They can also be extended to diversified virtual scenes in the metaverse to achieve multi-layer communication. IP-based virtual idols are shaping up into a popular trend, and the fan economy is on its way up.
Use AI to help enterprises improve the efficiency of operation Virtual avatars will be widely used in media, education, finance, medical care, and sports among other fields and will provide a new path for the digital transformation and development of enterprises, all while playing an increasingly important role in improving the quality and efficiency of enterprise production and operation.
Digital assets creation and make your own avatar alive. Virtual avatars are set to become the core interactive carrier and a gateway to the virtual space. Through a virtual avatar, anyone will be able to enter the virtual space and experience digital content by immersing themselves in games, entertainment, social interaction, education, and sports among others, with an opportunity to start a “second life” and pursue a truer and more ideal self.
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