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What is Live Face Swap?
Live Face Swap is a real-time feature that allows users to swap faces with another face using their device's camera. AKOOL uses advanced facial recognition algothrims to seamlessly blend the faces, creating a fun and interactive experience.
To use Live Face Swap, follow these steps:
Select Go LIve! feature in Face Swap.
Allow akool.com to access your camera.
Position your face within the camera frame.
Select a face you want to swap to.
AKOOL will automatically swap faces in real-time.
Live Face Swap is supported on both the web and mobile. Ensure your device has the latest software updates for optimal performance.
Yes, you can click the record button and save it as a video. You can download this video in Library - Face Swap - Video.
Live Face Swap is designed with user privacy in mind. It processes facial data locally on your device and does not store or transmit your images to external servers.
Face swap accuracy can be affected by several factors, including lighting, camera angle, and facial expressions. Ensure faces are well-lit and face the camera directly. Try to maintain a neutral expression for better results.
Currently, Live Face Swap works best with one face.
Live Face Swap is primarily designed for human faces. It may not work correctly with animals or objects due to the differences in facial features and structure.
Yes, you can download the video you recorded and share it directly to social media platforms like Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram. The video may have watermarks depending on your subscription.
Basic users have limited free time. Please upgrade your subscription plan to unlock more time and features.
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