Marcus Taylor

AI Writing & Thought Leadership

Fractional Marketing Leader | Cybersecurity, Al, and Quantum Computing Expert | Thought Leadership Writer

Career Description

Early-stage startups and technology companies in emerging markets face a unique challenge: how to secure consumers in a greenfield market, rapidly scale sales and revenue, and meet lofty investor

As a digital marketing & content strategist, I help startups and emerging technology companies create innovative, results-driven go-to-market and content marketing strategies. By creating a comprehensive strategy to bring new products to market, my clients are able to secure crucial early-stage sales, establish themselves as a respected industry leader, and obtain additional investment rounds at a high valuation.

Throughout my career, I've completed large-scale marketing projects and produced ghostwritten content for Google, Boston Consulting Group, Nutanix, the Arms Control Association, McGraw Hill Publishers, Masthead Media, BairesDev, and many more. This includes bringing cutting-edge cybersecurity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (Al), Software as a Service (SaaS), and quantum computing products to market.

Articles Written