Benchmarking the Technology: How AKOOL’s Lip Sync Tools Stack Up Against Competitors
April 25, 2024
Unlock valuable insights with lip sync benchmarking. Empower yourself to make informed decisions and elevate your content creation game. 

Lip sync technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade, particularly with the development of generative AI talking avatar tools

Lip syncing originated because of viewer dissatisfaction with legacy audio dubbing tools, which simply overlaid a new audio track over an existing video.

You may remember the poor lip syncing of older kung fu films. You could see the facial movements from the actor's original language and hear the mismatched audio track with an English-speaking voice actor. This resulted in a comical effect where the movie’s audio was clearly different from the actor on-screen. 

In America, at least, this broke the audience’s immersion and resulted in low interest in foreign films for decades.

However, the emergence of AI tools over the past several years has allowed Hollywood studios and advertising agencies to sync the original actor’s facial movements with a new audio track. This creates a seamless viewing experience for the audience and results in an output that looks like original, hyper-realistic footage. 

Today, companies can film a commercial in French—then use lip sync technology to transform the commercial into English, with the actor’s facial movements matching the new language and audio track

While this technology can be revolutionary, companies must benchmark the performance of individual tools to ensure that the output is realistic. Some platforms, like AKOOL, will produce much better results; while others still struggle to properly sync audio with the original video.

Key Factors in Lip Sync Benchmarking

To accurately assess the performance of individual tools, it’s critical to use a set of objective criteria—and key performance indicators—to understand which platform produces the best results. At AKOOL, we use the following criteria to measure the success of lip sync benchmarking:

Accuracy: How well does the tool sync the original video with the new audio? The best tools produce hyper-realistic videos that look like they were originally shot in the target language.

Speed: How fast is the lip syncing process? AKOOL can create professional-grade videos in a matter of minutes, without sacrificing quality or realism. 

Customization: Does the platform provide users with the ability to customize their videos? AKOOL allows users to select up to 30 different languages, dialects, speaking patterns, and voices.

In addition, users should also assess the realism of facial movements, the quality of the video itself, and the cost of the platform. 

Comparative Analysis of Lip Sync Tools


AKOOL has rapidly become known as one of the best lip sync tools on the market. The cutting-edge platform allows users to create hyper-realistic, professional-grade lip matching videos that outperform the competition and resonate with users. In particular, users rave about the platform’s lip syncing accuracy, incredibly fast processing time, and the wide range of customization options.


Funimate is one of the most popular lip syncing apps available today. The platform offers users a wide range of customization options and editing tools. These include special effects and custom filters. However, Funimate has a relatively slow processing speed and our lip matching benchmarking tests show that the quality of output is lower than AKOOL’s, leaving viewers with a less immersive viewing experience compared to other platforms.


Triller is a major name in the world of lip syncing and is used to craft funny memes and video shorts for social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. While the platform is incredibly fun to use and offers a wide variety of filters and editing options, many enterprise users remark that the quality is not suitable for professional use. The platform struggles with realism and is best suited for personal social media use, rather than high-impact marketing campaigns. 

Case Studies: Real-World Performance

Multilingual Advertising

We tested each of these tools in a head-to-head lip matching benchmark test to see which platform can produce the highest quality videos in a new language. We found that AKOOL was able to produce the best result, with the most accurate translation and realistic lip syncing. Triller was a close second in the test; however, many of the facial movements were slightly off—resulting in a poorer user experience and broken immersion.

Animated Production

On this lip-matching benchmark test, Funimate was able to outperform Triller in several key areas, including realism, lip sync quality, and immersion. However, AKOOL still produced the highest quality output of the three platforms—outperforming both Funimate and Triller in realism, video resolution, and view immersion across each sample.

Social Media Shorts

Each of the three tools measured in this lip matching benchmark test is capable of producing a high-quality video for social media. Triller and Funimate both produced quality videos that matched a user’s new audio track with an existing video. However, AKOOL’s output is consistently more realistic and provides a better user experience than the competition. That’s because AKOOL does a better job of syncing facial movements with the new audio and produces a higher-resolution video that simply looks better on modern devices. 

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Your B2B & B2C Teams Can Make Better Lip Sync Videos!

The results of our lip matching benchmark test are clear: while there are several platforms capable of creating passable lip syncing videos, AKOOL is simply a step above the competition. The cutting-edge platform is capable of creating a realistic video in dozens of popular languages, allowing enterprise marketing teams and advertising agencies to create engaging content that can resonate with audiences across the world.

AKOOL outperformed the competition in several key areas, including accuracy, customization options, processing speed, and video quality. Novice users can select from a variety of popular tools to create social media shorts and funny memes. However, companies intent on creating professional-grade marketing campaigns and content that will provide an immersive experience for their customers should look to AKOOL for their next lip sync project. 

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