Bonnie Roskes

Technical Writer

Technical Content Expert

Career Description

For over two decades, Bonnie has been a trusted resource for clients navigating the complexities of technical communication. With a master's degree in structural engineering as her foundation, she possesses a deep understanding of technical concepts and the ability to translate them into clear, engaging content.

Her expertise lies in crafting a diverse range of technical documentation, including textbooks, knowledge bases, video scripts, manuals, guides, articles, and reports. She tailors her writing to resonate with various audiences, ensuring information is accessible and impactful.

Beyond written content, Bonnie brings her technical knowledge to the video realm. Her video work encompasses step-by-step explainers, captivating marketing and promotional content, and high-level overviews that provide a comprehensive grasp of complex subjects.

Bonnie's extensive client base includes software and platform developers across a broad spectrum of industries – project management and workflow, AI and chatbots, data analysis and visualization, 3D modeling, MS Office products, WordPress, graphic design, social media campaigns, online store optimization, and more.

Her passion lies in creating high-quality, accessible technical content that empowers users. She thrives in collaborative environments, working alongside diverse and talented teams to bring clarity and understanding to the world of technology.