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Effective Date: February 15, 2024

AKOOL offers selected individuals the chance to join its independent Affiliate Program. As an AKOOL Affiliate, you have the potential to earn additional income by selling AKOOL products and services. The amount of compensation you receive as an Affiliate is determined exclusively by AKOOL. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Agreement, which also encompasses the AKOOL Terms of Service, except where stated otherwise.

Section 1 - Agreement Parties
  • AKOOL refers to the business operating under the name AKOOL, Inc.
  • You and Your refer to the individual or entity entering this Agreement.
  • Both AKOOL and You are jointly referred to as Parties in this Agreement.
  • You must promptly notify AKOOL in writing of any changes in the legal name or ownership of your business, ensuring all provided information is accurate.
  • Notification of changes should be sent to info@akool.com.
Section 2 - Application Process
  • You agree to provide accurate information for your Affiliate application.
  • AKOOL reserves the right to decide on your eligibility for the Affiliate program.
  • Not all applicants will qualify for the Affiliate program.
  • Affiliate applications can be submitted at info@akool.com.
Section 3 - Consent for Contact
  • By applying, you consent to be contacted about your application and Affiliate program matters via email, social media, or phone, including automated and recorded messages.
Section 4 - Compensation Details
  • Approved Affiliates receive a unique ID for promoting AKOOL.
  • Commissions are earned for each sale linked to your Affiliate ID.
  • The latest cookie identifies the Affiliate credited for a sale.
  • Commission terms include:
    • 20% commission on referral purchases for the first 12 months.
    • Commissions adjust with any plan changes by your referral.
    • No commissions for enterprise plans or non-commissionable plans.
    • Commissions are paid in USD or other available currencies, subject to processing fees.
    • Minimum Commission payout is $50.00 USD.
  • Affiliates must use Rewardful for tracking; terms are available at [Rewardful Website].
  • Commission rates are subject to change.
Non-Commissionable Activities
  • Commissions are not paid on the Affiliate's own account or accounts created for commission purposes.
  • Affiliates cannot offer cash incentives for sales.
  • Commissions are only paid for genuine transactions.
  • Violations, such as using branded keywords in paid search ads or generating fraudulent sales, will result in a ban and forfeiture of commissions.
Section 5 - Agreement Duration and Termination
  • The Agreement commences upon acceptance and continues monthly until terminated by either party.
  • Termination can occur at any time, with or without cause.
  • Breach of terms, including legal violations or misuse of AKOOL services, may result in immediate termination and forfeiture of commissions.
  • The Agreement also automatically terminates if no commissions are earned in a 12-month period.
  • Certain provisions survive termination, including liability limitations, warranty disclaimers, and arbitration agreements.
Section 6 - Additional Representations and Warranties
  • You warrant no prior or ongoing investigations or lawsuits against you related to consumer protection or advertising laws.
  • Notification to AKOOL is required within 24 hours of any such proceedings commencing post-Agreement execution.
  • AKOOL may terminate your participation based on such proceedings.
Section 7 - Complete Agreement
  • This Agreement, including Appendix A and AKOOL’s Terms of Service, constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties regarding the Affiliate Program.
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